Mi 24v

this is a test post, after many years. The images are about a “recent” purchase of a plastic model kit. Sadly i dont have the space anymore to get into this hobby. Since i moved to a greek island, the homes here, have extremelly limited space. Continue reading Mi 24v

Athens Mediatech

Following the wishes, of previous century Greek leadership, to create a national cultural center, close of Athens center. Recreated this vision while trying to keep untouched the existing historical buildings, the restored anticienties and the importance of a busy urban node. Also done some lazy renders. : )   date of creation 27/05/2014 … Continue reading Athens Mediatech


Well the project was about a secondary and a high school in one building, and i thought lets blend them. But this alone was not enough i needed also a typology. So i tried to make my own. The result was a nest using an organic structure which was offering unique classes just from geometry. … Continue reading nests